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Summer Special on now!  Read on to learn more...

Our 5-night Premium Experience


Your Premium Carnival Experience

If you love Caribbean food and soca music, then Trinidad Carnival is probably the destination that you've been dreaming about. Do not miss our carefully curated 5 night exploration of the Trinidad Carnival parade also known as the "Greatest Show on Earth".

We're busy professionals, just like you.  Between work, family and other obligations, you don't have the time to plan your Trinidad Carnival Experience like we do!

Planned activities include partying (hard) at all-inclusive fetes, being in full costume as a masquerader in the Carnival parade, a day trip to experience bake and shark at Maracas Beach, a delicious, catered Trini dinner, the incomparable, dirty festival J'ouvert (pronounced Jou-vay) and much more if you also travel with us to Tobago.

Satisfy your belly and soul on this one-of-a-kind getaway to one of the best kept secrets of the Caribbean!  PLUS save 25% off with our Summer Special - on now!  Read on to learn more...

What our UTC feters say...

"I loved feeling like we were all there together on this massive group trip. The UTC crew are friends who were experts on all things Trinidad and Carnival! Everything was so well organized and it was also good that there was some room for changes to the schedule [as needed]."  

                                                                                                       ~  Sheri, Delta, Canada

Your Itinerary


  • Arrival in Trinidad.  Upon arrival at the Piarco International Airport, you'll be picked up in an air-conditioned vehicle and transported to the Hilton Trinidad.
  • Don't get too comfortable because the partying starts right away!  Your transportation will take you to your first all-inclusive fete, where drinks and food are included.  After the fete, you'll be transported back to the Hilton Trinidad.


  • Fill up on the Hilton Trinidad's fresh and delicious daily breakfast buffet and then meet in the lobby for the Maracas Beach day trip.
  • Upon arrival, purchase your bake and shark, grab a beach chair on us and take in the beautiful scenery.  Brave the waves if you dare!
  • Return to the Hilton Trinidad for a privately catered "curry que" with the group.  Enjoy the local delicacy of roti featuring various curried dishes.

DAY 3 ~ SUNDAY FEB 11th              

  • Wake up early in the morning for your Penthouse access to the next all-inclusive fete.  Join us at a breakfast party to dance as the sun is rising in the sky.  Includes premium food and drinks.
  • After partying all morning, the rest of the day is yours to relax by the onsite pool or stay in your room to take advantage of room service.


  • Another early morning as we transport you to take part in J'ouvert.  J'ouvert is the official start to the Trinidad Carnival parade and involves you getting dirty with paint!  First, you'll have breakfast, then fill your cup with the drink of your choice.  Once you get paint all over your body, you'll party and drink in the streets from darkness until daylight.
  • The party's not over yet!  Get cleaned up, grab some breakfast and we hit the road again to meet our mas band for Monday mas.  Monday mas is held all day on Carnival Monday (is usually the more laid back day of the 2-day parade).  Take advantage of our mas band's rest stations periodically throughout the day to rest and refuel.  Our mas band will stop for lunch in the afternoon for you to eat, so grab a nap if you need to and they'll use this time to restock the mobile bars and restrooms. 
  • We'll party "on de road" until night fall, when we'll take you back to the Hilton Trinidad.


  • The big show aka Carnival Tuesday is here!  Get your Carnival makeup done by our glam squad, grab some breakfast, put on your costume and we'll transport you to meet our mas band.
  • Be a true Carnival Diva by crossing the Socadrome stage in your costume.  Don't forget to smile for the local TV stations and our UTC photographer!
  • Take advantage of our mas band's rest stations periodically throughout the day to rest and refuel.  Our mas band will stop for lunch in the afternoon for you to eat, so grab a nap if you need to and they'll use this time to restock the mobile bars and restrooms. 
  • We'll party "on de road" until night fall, when we'll take you back to the Hilton Trinidad.


  • (sad face)  It's time for you to return home with some new friends, awesome memories and of course, your beautiful costume headpiece!  Our ground transportation will take you to Piarco International Airport to catch your flight.

What else do UTC'ers say about us?

Ultimate Trinidad Carnival Bonuses:

You'll be connected!  Our group info calls and private Facebook group is where you'll connect and exchange information with everyone traveling with our group before you get to Trinidad. 

As an Ultimate Trinidad Carnival client, you'll get exclusive bonuses not offered by anyone else.  You focus on having fun, we got you!

Our bonuses are a $5,000 value, all for you!

Our UTC team photographer will be present at selected events on your itinerary and will capture moments that you're sure to treasure.  You'll even get online access to your photos.

We do all of your research and provide it to you via exclusive access to a client-only website chock full of information about what to expect, Carnival and Trinidad and Tobago.  

Your UTC Survival Kit will be delivered right to your doorstep to save you time.  This super convenient package will include your itinerary, UTC swag  and even more information about destination Carnival! 

As a UTC client, we take care of you.  Our team is with you at every event on your itinerary, making sure that everything goes smoothly and you're kept safe in a foreign country.

Read on to see the pricing of our 5-night Premium Experience...and our Summer Special

Ultimate Trinidad Carnival Pricing

Summer Special - ON NOW!

Purchase our 5-night Premium Experience PLUS our Tobago Love Upgrade and get 25% off!  While quantities last or until Sept 30th, 2017.

Easy Payment Plan

Pay your deposit of $500 and starting the following month, you'll make payments until your package is paid in full.

5-night Premium Experience

Travel dates of Fri Feb 9th to Wed Feb 14th, 2018

All pricing listed is in US dollars, per person, double occupancy

Please contact us for single and triple occupancy pricing (no quad occupancy available)

Just $4,275

Want even more?  Don't forget about our Upgrades designed just for you to customize your Carnival experience.

Just $5,770

What our UTC feters say...

"I would definitely recommend Ultimate Trinidad Carnival, because everything is taken care of, especially by people who know [Carnival].  If it's your first time, you just need to be there [on the info calls] and listen to get everything.  Other than that, you don't have to do anything.  [I was trying to organize my own trip] and...had no idea about the parties and all of the other activities.  [I] didn't know about all of the ins and outs; didn't find that out until I booked with UTC."

                                                                                                         ~  Krystal, South Carolina, USA

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  We'll also send you a FREE checklist to help you with your Trinidad Carnival planning!

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