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What our clients say...

Adjwoa, Texas, USA

"I loved the road march (Kadooment Parade). The whole experience of getting my Carnival makeup done, wearing an outfit I would never wear...oh my gosh, I just marched 7 miles in the sun dancing...the whole experience was fun.  I gotta learn how to put on sunscreen though; I forgot (lol)!"

Travel with the Carnival pros

Hello! We're Esha and Tarik Davis, creators of Ultimate Crop Over.  We know - a lot - about Carnival having taken over 200 clients (and counting) to have unique and life-changing Caribbean Experiences.  We even met at Trinidad Carnival waaay back in 2006; this is a photo of us when we met!

Ultimate Crop Over is a delight for your senses - the sights, the food and the sounds will leave you wanting more!  You can trust that we'll take care of all of the details as Events by Ashé LLC planners - our event planning business.  We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, so you can trust that we're real people who will ensure that you have a fantastic and seamless Barbados Festival Experience!

Events by Ashe, LLC is a BBB Accredited Event Planner in Raleigh, NC

We're confident that Ultimate Crop Over is all you need for a seamless, fun and amazing Barbados Festival experience!  Whether you're a solo traveler or you're coming with your crew, you'll get the convenience of having it all organized for you, meet other Carnivalistas just like you and do it all on the beautiful island of Barbados. 

Here's what you'll get with Ultimate Crop Over ...

Ask us "What is Crop Over?" and we'll tell you, "Meeting friends - old and new - and partying with them for 5 nights!"  That's what this Barbados Festival is about.

Make new friends

A done-for-you Barbados Festival experience

Your mas costume

We'll purchase, pick up and deliver your Backline costume to you during your personalized costume fitting.  You'll forgo the hassle of long wait times at the band house!

We'll arrange your fete tickets and you'll skip the headache!  Our parties give you the VIP treatment, all while you focus on having a good time.  It'll be non-stop wukkin' up...you'll need to rest up to prepare :)

Parties galore


You'll get air-conditioned transportation to the events on your itinerary plus airport transfers.  Let us take care of you during the Barbados Festival!

Don't drive, be driven

The Experience


  • 5-night Premium Experience - six (6) days, five (5) nights.
  • Add the 2-night Upgrade - eight (8) days, seven (7) nights in total.


  • 5-night Premium Experience - Thursday Aug 1 to Tuesday Aug 6, 2019.
  • Add the 2-night Upgrade - Wednesday Jul 31 to Wednesday Aug 7, 2019.


  • Single and double occupancy available (no triple or quad occupancy available).


2-night Upgrade

  • Everything that's included in our 5-night Premium Experience plus...
  • Two (2) additional nights accommodations at the breathtaking Hilton Barbados Resort! Spend your extra time at the white sand beach located right downstairs from your bay view room.
  • One (1) ticket to Ruk a Tuk - a beach, breakfast, bubbles and boat party. This will be a premium experience you won't soon forget!
  • Relax after the Kadooment Parade with a catamaran cruise - snorkeling and swimming included. Or just chill out on the boat while enjoying a freshly prepared Bajan lunch, drink in hand while enjoying the serene Gold Coast of Barbados.
  • Air-conditioned, round trip ground transportation to all of your scheduled events once you land in Barbados and ultimately return to the airport.

5-night Premium Experience (2-night Upgrade clients will receive all of this too!)

  • Five (5) nights accommodations at the gorgeous Hilton Barbados Resort, located right on a beautiful, white sand beach. Your breathtaking bay view room at this resort comes with a hot, daily buffet breakfast and internet access. Of course, the property is also secure with 24-hour on-site security.
  • Access to the 1-day Kadooment Parade in your tailored costume with Aura, a premium all-inclusive mas band. In addition to your costume, you'll also get a personalized fitting at the Hilton Barbados Resort, access to mobile bars, restrooms and rest stations. There will also be "roaming" Aura staff to provide you with snacks and drinks during the parade.
  • A personalized Carnival makeup appointment with our glam squad. Includes waterproof makeup application that will last all day, lashes, glitter and gem application to match your costume.
  • One (1) ticket to the infamous Limerz Booze Cruise. This boat party is epic! Eat all you want and drink all you want while taking in the endlessly blue Caribbean Sea.
  • Get dutty with access to the "must be seen" Foreday Morning Festival. Dance through the streets while putting paint on yourself (and others) while the sun rises.
  • The world-famous Crane Beach, known for its pink sand, awaits! Take a ride in the all-glass elevator to paradise. #IGfeedworthy
  • Air-conditioned, round trip ground transportation to all of your scheduled events once you land in Barbados (including airport transfers).
  • Two (2) very special meals - a 2-course lunch at the fine dining experience known as The Tides Restaurant and mingling with the locals at Oistins for amazing seafood and dancing!
  • A Signature Rum Tasting at the historic Mount Gay Rum Factory.
  • Ultimate Crop Over exclusive bonuses including the UCO team taking care of you at every event in your itinerary in Barbados, a Survival Kit delivered directly to your front door, group webinars and a private Facebook group to connect with everyone you're traveling with.  


  • Round trip flight to Barbados from your home
  • Personal expenses

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Your Ultimate Crop Over itinerary

Day 1 - Wednesday Jul 31, 2019

*2-night Upgrade*

  • You'll arrive at the Barbados airport and be whisked away to the Hilton Barbados Resort to get settled in.  
  • Try on your tailored costume during your personalized costume fitting to make sure you're road ready!
  • Perhaps you'll take a quick trip to the beach that's just outside your hotel?
  • Get your rest tonight; the first party on de agenda is very early Thursday morning!  And this one is a breakfast party, complete with bubbly on de beach and boat.

Day 2 - Thursday Aug 1, 2019

*5-night Premium Experience*

  • You'll arrive at the Barbados airport and be whisked away to the Hilton Barbados Resort to get settled in.  
  • Try on your tailored costume during your personalized costume fitting to make sure you're road ready!
  • Wander around the Hilton Barbados Resort, participate in happy hour by the infinity pool and grab some dinner.  
  • By the time night falls, you'll be in full island mode (with drink in hand) ;)  

*5-night Premium Experience*

  • Your fine dining experience awaits!  We head to Tides Restaurant, located on the Gold Coast of Barbados, right on the water.  Enjoy a mouth-watering, 2-course meal while being catered to by the attentive staff and taking in the yachts bobbing on the sea.  
  • After a lazy afternoon, tonight you'll get some fresh seafood, music, dancing and people watching in Oistins - a can't miss, popular spot for locals and tourists.

Day 3 - Friday Aug 2, 2019

Day 4 - Saturday Aug 3, 2019

*5-night Premium Experience*

  • Today's busy day starts with "Foreday morning", which is a Barbados Festival must do.  It's basically a big street party with paint!  Start partying in the dark and end when the sun is high in the sky.
  • After a quick nap, we head out for our day trip to the beautiful pink sand paradise known as Crane Beach.
  • After working on your tan, we'll take you for a boozy afternoon at the historical Mt. Gay Rum factory.  It's time for some rum!

Day 5 - Sunday Aug 4, 2019

*5-night Premium Experience*

  • It's Limerz Day!  We take you to the infamous Limerz Booze Cruise.  This all-inclusive will have you moving your body to the music while enjoying delicious food and drinks (what is in those green cups???)
  • After rocking de boat, the evening is yours.  Take a short walk downstairs to the beach and have dinner at one of the onsite restaurants.  We highly recommend The Lighthouse.  Get ready for tomorrow!

Here's a breakdown of what you'll be doing on each day of this Barbados Festival; the Ultimate Crop Over Experience.

Dates of travel:

2-night Upgrade: Wed July 31 to Wed Aug 7, 2019

5-night Premium Experience: Thurs Aug 1 to Tues Aug 6, 2019

Day 6 - Monday Aug 5, 2019

*5-night Premium Experience*

  • It's time for the big show - the Kadooment Parade!  Put on your tailored costume, get your Carnival makeup done and we'll take you to meet our band of choice, Aura.
  • Parade through the streets in your beautiful costume - Carnivalista style - drink in hand, dancin' to de music!
  • The Kadooment Parade ends at the beach.  Have lunch and just take in the sun setting over the water :)

The Carnival Diva Upgrade will complete your Barbados Festival look on de road!

You'll get:

  • Customized Carnival boots to coordinate with your costume. You'll look the part from head to toe!
  • A coordinating pouch to hold all of your parade essentials. A true Carnival Diva cannot be caught without a matching carry-it-all on de road :)
  • Coordinating mas tights (fishnets) to compliment your beautiful skin. All the Divas have this - you'll look even more flawless in your pics!

Get our Carnival Diva Upgrade

Want even more?

Day 7 - Tuesday Aug 6, 2019

*2-night Upgrade*

  • It'll be homeward bound for 5-night Premium Experience clients, but 2-night Upgrade clients will go with us on a all-inclusive catamaran cruise.  It's the perfect end to your Barbados Carnival Experience!
  • After the cruise, we'll take you back to the Hilton Barbados Resort for you to pack and get ready to head home the next day :(

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Just relax and party (more)! This Upgrade offers:

  • More all-inclusive experiences. We'll take you to experience Jabnival, a Foreday Morning party on the beach! You'll also get a ticket to Bliss - a premium, all-inclusive party with every kind of delicious food imaginable and a champagne bar, all topped off with fireworks and live performances.
  • Pamper yourself. Get a spa treatment of your choice at Eforea Spa, located at the Hilton Barbados Resort. Featuring the first quartz sand bed in the Caribbean, at Eforea Spa, you'll get a truly unique spa experience and emerge feeling refreshed and ready for anything!

Buy the Relax and Party Upgrade

Or perhaps?

PLUS, you'll get our bonuses 

(a value of $1,000) just for you!

This bonus is called a survival kit for a reason! We're bringing together everything you need to have a wonderful Crop Over Experience into 1 handy Survival Kit, delivered directly to your doorstep. You can depend on our 20 plus years of Carnival experience to give you what you need for your trip!

Ultimate Crop Over Survival Kit

Ultimate Crop Over Team 

You'll get the Ultimate Crop Over team taking care of you in Barbados. If it's your first time to the island, we'll be there to give you peace of mind in a new country. We'll go with you to every party and event on your itinerary and we also stay at the Hilton Barbados Resort!

Secret Facebook group access

Need a place to stash your Carnival pics that you don't want anyone else to see? Done. Not only is your secret Facebook group a safe space for you, it's also a communication hub, a place to share information, ask questions and connect with everyone going to experience Ultimate Crop Over with you.   

Personalized webinars

As we get closer to the Barbados Crop Over Festival, we'll host webinars for you. Each webinar will be centered around a topic (e.g. your costume, Kadooment Parade, Foreday Morning, etc.) and will allow you to ask questions in real time. Oh, did we forget to mention they're a lot of fun too (lol)?

What our clients say...

Merate, New York, USA

"I loved that everything was so well organized!  Esha was so patient with all of the questions I had and I knew once the time for Carnival came, I had nothing to worry about.  I had a ridiculous amount of fun and got to meet some great people.  Plus my trip was tailored for me...and I never had to worry about getting to and from events."

All you need to do is make your deposit and we'll invoice you every month until your package is paid in full.  We accept payments via PayPal, which accepts all major credit cards.  Getting to the Barbados Crop Over Festival couldn't be any easier!

Easy Payment Plans

Our Ultimate Crop Over 2019 pricing

We're offering you our 2018 pricing for a limited time only.

Pricing listed in US dollars, per person, based on double occupancy (2 people to a room). 

No triple or quad occupancy available.  

Yes!  We can match you with a roommate.  

If you prefer your own room, please contact us for single occupancy pricing.

Early Feter Special

Purchase our Early Feter Special to save!  With this purchase, you'll also get a FREE Frontline costume Upgrade.  Payment in full required, limited quantities available.

Just $2,788

For our 5-night Premium Experience

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Easy Payment Plan

With our Easy Payment Plan, you'll make a $500 deposit and we'll invoice you until your package is paid in full (January to July 2019).  See our Easy Payment Plan pricing below:

Just $3,098

For our 5-night Premium Experience

With your $500 deposit, make 7 payments of $371

For our Carnival Diva Upgrade

Add $48 to each payment

For our 2-night Upgrade

Add $126 to each payment

Just $885

Just $339

Just $542

For our Relax and Party Upgrade

Add $77 to each payment

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  3. When you complete your registration form, we'll email you a confirmation.  That's it - you're going with us to Barbados!
Ultimate Crop Over package payment

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