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What else should you know about us?

  • 100% of our UTC feters say they would recommend us to others.
  • Over 75% of our UTC feters say that they loved our package concept AND they booked with us because they wanted someone to take care of their Trinidad Carnival Experience for them.
  • 100% of our clients were “extremely satisfied” and “very satisfied” with their overall Ultimate Trinidad Carnival Experience.

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Our Story

We're Esha and Tarik Davis, founders of Events by Ashé, LLC, a retreat planning business located in Raleigh, NC.  Ultimate Trinidad Carnival is one of the experiences we've coordinated for over 200 clients and counting. 

We met during Trinidad Carnival in 2006 while playing mas (yes, we were both in costume; the photo on the left is when we actually met!).  Once we started dating, we talked about our first Trinidad Carnivals.  That's when we realized that there were others out there like us who wanted to experience this amazing festival, but were unsure how to get party tickets, a costume or even secure a safe place to stay in a foreign country.

Ultimate Trinidad Carnival was born!  Our combined backgrounds in Sales, Purchasing, Human Resources and of course as business owners will ensure that you receive professional, courteous and timely service with a smile. We are real people and our business has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.  We love to have a good time and love to party but we also like to "lime" on de beach.

We do all of your research and provide it to you in the form of group webinars, a client-only website, a private Facebook group and group emails.  We even provide you with a bonus Carnival Survival Kit delivered directly to your door!  We're the ultimate time savers at your service.

As a UTC client, we take care of you.  From handling all of the details of your Carnival experience, to watching out  for you in Trinidad, our team will always ensure your experience is the most fun you've had in your life, safe and NOT planned by you!

 How we compare

  To see how traveling with Ultimate Trinidad Carnival trumps the competition, see below.

We're not aware of any other Carnival provider who stays with you at your accommodations, goes with you to every event on your itinerary and takes care of every single detail for you.

With other Carnival providers, you'll probably have to do your own research about the country, the climate, what to wear to the parties and anything else that you need to know before you go on your trip.  Who has that kind of time?


Personal Service

Personal Service

Our accommodations are with the Hilton Trinidad, located in downtown Port of Spain.  You'll stay with a trusted hotel brand so you know what level of accommodations to expect.

Pre-Trip Planning


Pre-Trip Planning

Their accommodations may say they're close to Port of Spain, but are they really?  Buyer beware - do your research!  This is where Google maps can be your friend.

Other Carnival providers

What our UTC feters say...

"[I liked] The fact that everything was organized for me so I didn't need to worry about anything.  I felt confident that all my needs would be met.  My favorite memories of my entire Carnival experience are J'ouvert, Sunny Side Up and Carnival Tuesday [in my costume]!"

                                                                                                         ~ Kolita, United Kingdom

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Feel free to contact us by calling us at (919) 697-8772 or by clicking the button below.  

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