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The Ultimate Trinidad Carnival Difference

Our packages are designed for what is important to you, featuring clear pricing, exceptional quality and access to a carefully selected array of Trinidad Carnival activities.  With Ultimate Trinidad Carnival, you'll get the true Carnival experience, with virtually no planning required on your end (really). 

It's your money.  Don't you want to make the most of every dollar and the most of your time away?  You'll get that and more with us because each and every package is carefully managed by our team to ensure an unforgettable and effortless Trinidad Carnival experience each and every time.

What our UTC feters say...

"I loved Esha's and Tarik's professionalism and responsiveness.  They were extremely organized and prompt to find solutions or alternatives.  The organization was almost perfect in my opinion."  

                                                                                                                     ~  Glenda, United Kingdom


Make your payment

To pay for your package with our Easy Payment Plan, click the corresponding "buy now" button below.   You only need a $500 deposit per person to hold your spot.  We'll then invoice you for payments monthly until Jan 31st, 2019 when your package is paid in full.

Once you've completed your payment, you'll be taken to step 3, complete your registration form.


And for the final step...


Complete your registration form

Once you've completed your payment, you'll be directed immediately to complete our registration form, so please have all of your information ready.  We'll ask you for:

  • Your basic contact information: name, address, phone number, etc.
  • A confirmation of your package Upgrades
  • Your costume specifications (please have your sizes ready to provide)
  • Your emergency contact information

Once you've completed all of your particulars, we'll then ask you to electronically sign our Ultimate Trinidad Carnival Waiver and Release.  Complete all of this and you're going to Trinidad Carnival!

What our UTC feters say...

"Ultimate Trinidad Carnival was extremely organized and prepared.  They went the extra mile to ensure everyone's preparedness, leading up to the trip and [ensured everyone's] safety once there."

                                                                                                       ~  JaShawn, Maryland, USA

Got questions?

Feel free to contact us by calling (919) 697-8772 or by clicking the button below.  

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