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Our Tobago Love Upgrade


About our Tobago Love Upgrade

The perfect Upgrade is to spend 4 nights with us in beautiful and serene Tobago.  Tobago is Trinidad's sister island and is located just northeast of Trinidad. 

The sleepy little island of Tobago is easily accessed by a very short plane ride.  It offers breathtaking scenery, fun activities, mouth watering Tobagonian cuisine (yes, it is different from Trinidad's), some partying and lots of time for you to truly just BE.

Join us for the perfect complement to your Trinidad Carnival Experience or for a short getaway!  

What our UTC feters say...

"I would've loved to stay in Tobago longer.  Tobago turned out to be my favorite part of the experience."  

                                                                                                                            ~  Eboni, Virginia, USA

Your Tobago Love Itinerary


  • Arrival in Tobago. You'll be transported from the Hilton Trinidad to catch your flight to Tobago. Upon arrival in Tobago, your driver will take you to Villa Mirage. 
  • Relax at the Villa Mirage by the pool or take a stroll down to the beach to take in the fantastic sunset. Later on in the evening, enjoy dinner with your fellow Tobago adventurers as you take in the cool island breeze.


  • Start your day with a fresh and delicious breakfast and then head to Store Bay Beach with the group to catch our glass bottom boat trip. We'll sail to see the Buccoo Reef and then stop to stand in the legendary Nylon Pool, a shallow area in the middle of ocean. This is a great spot for pictures!
  • The glass bottom boat will then take us to Pigeon Point. Grab some lunch and hang out for the day.
  • In the early evening, we'll transport you back to Villa Mirage where you can settle in for the night, grab some dinner and hang out pool side.


  • It's yachting time! We'll be picked up at Villa Mirage and taken to our yacht where you'll be looked after all day by the on board staff. Need a drink? No problem. Hungry? Lunch is served. Snorkeling perhaps? The staff will cater to your every need.
  • After a full day of boating, we'll take you back to Villa Mirage. There will be several parties happening on the island; you might want to attend one on your own. You can also settle in for the night at Villa Mirage after dinner. The choice is yours!


  • Our last day in Tobago is a full one! We're taking in the island via car in a driving tour. Learn some more about Tobago from our drivers.
  • We'll make our way to the serene Argyle Falls. To get to the falls, we'll have to walk, so wear comfortable footwear for this trip. You can walk a little or walk a lot to see almost to the top of the falls. Bathing is not recommended (the water is cold!), however the beautiful scenery will make you want to snap lots of pictures. Bring your camera!
  • After viewing the Falls, we'll stop for lunch at Gemma's Treehouse (pay for your own). After lunch we'll head back to Villa Mirage so you can grab your stuff to head to the airport.
  • After a short flight back to Trinidad, we'll take you to the Holiday Inn Piarco for the evening. Grab dinner and chill out before settling in for the night.


  • You'll be transported by the hotel's shuttle to Piarco International Airport to catch your flight home :(

We love Tobago!

And you'll love it too...

Excited yet? 

Read on to see the pricing of our Tobago Love Upgrade.

Ultimate Trinidad Carnival Pricing

Tobago Love Upgrade

All pricing listed is in US dollars, per person, double occupancy

Please contact us for single or triple occupancy pricing (no quad occupancy available)

If you're interested in booking our Tobago Love Upgrade ONLY, please contact us

Just $1,993

Tobago Love Upgrade (Easy Payment Plan)

4 nights of heaven!  Upgrade yourself to get some Tobago Love; you won't regret it.  Double occupancy; per person.

What our UTC feters say...

"Thank you Esha, Tarik and crew.  What a wonderful experience.  I had a blast and it was a pleasure meeting everyone.  [It was] also a pleasure meeting some wonderful people in the group as well.  Wishing you all safe travels back home.  Party dun!!!"

                                                                                                                        ~  Cleave, Bermuda

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