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Our Upgrades


About our Upgrades

Want more than our 5-night Premium Experience?  We've got your covered.  Our Upgrades offer you unique options to customize your Ultimate Trinidad Carnival Experience.

Planned activities include even more partying at premium all-inclusive fetes, becoming a full-fledged Carnival Diva to complete your look, and getting into relaxation mode by traveling with us to beautiful Tobago.  

Go all out with your Carnival Experience by taking advantage of one (or all) of our Upgrades!  Read on to learn more.

What our UTC feters say...

"Everyone was friendly. The trip was well planned out to give you a chance to survive Carnival. Also having staff that was readily available to assist in any way...the list [of what I liked best] goes on..."  

                                                                                                         ~  Shawndell, South Carolina, USA

Your Itinerary

DAY 1 ~ WEDNESDAY FEB 27th               

  • Arrival to Trinidad. Upon arrival at the Piarco International Airport, you'll be picked up in an air-conditioned vehicle and transferred to the Hilton Trinidad. 
  • Time to party! Be transported to an "ultra" all-inclusive fete with top shelf drinks and a dizzying array of foods to sample from. Enjoy live performances by local artists and then enjoy a live fireworks show over the water. Don't worry about getting back to the Hilton Trinidad after having all of this sensory overload; we got you.


  • Sleep in after the festivities of the night before and then catch a late breakfast at the Hilton Trinidad. The rest of the morning is yours to luxuriate in the activity of your choice.
  • In the early afternoon, we'll transport you to Long Circular Mall. Need to get some snacks and drinks for your room? Check. Need a local cell phone or a SIM card? Double check. Want to try some more delicious Trini cuisine? Triple check. Take your time; we'll be here for a couple of hours so that you can get everything done. 
  •'s time for another party. This time it's a drinks inclusive fete. Food will be available for purchase in case you didn't have dinner at the Hilton Trinidad. Make your way to the front of the stage to take in some of Trinidad's hottest acts while waving your rag until early morning. Your transportation will be waiting for you once you've got your fill.

Please see our 5-night Premium Experience for the remainder of your itinerary

Upgrade #2: The Carnival Diva Upgrade

Carnival Diva Upgrade

Unleash your inner Carnival Diva with customized Monday wear, decorated mas boots to match your costume, a "blinged out" Fete Kup, a convenient (and pretty) mas pouch PLUS mas tights to wear on Carnival Tuesday.  You'll rule de road!

Upgrade #3:  The Pamper Me Upgrade

This Upgrade offers the "ultimate" in pampering.  Includes:

  • Ultimate Trinidad Carnival Insider Guide. If you're not sure where to start planning your trip, or you just need a little more help to get ready for this amazing experience, our month-by-month guide will take you through it all in time for Trinidad Carnival.
  • Confessions of a Carnivalista. You'll get a copy of our co-founder Esha's new book, Confessions of a Carnivalista. You'll be reading it before everyone else can buy it!
  • FREE spa treatment of your choice. WHAT?? Yes, in Trinidad you'll get a FREE spa treatment of your choice. Massage to ease those tired muscles? Mani or pedi to get beach ready? The choice is yours.

Read on to see the pricing of our Upgrades...

Ultimate Trinidad Carnival Pricing

2-night, Carnival Diva and Pamper Me Upgrades

All pricing listed is in US dollars, per person

Requires purchase of 5-night Premium Experience to qualify

2-night Upgrade

Just $1,313

Our most popular Upgrade.  Get a true taste of Trinidad Carnival by choosing this!  Double occupancy pricing; requires purchase of 5-night Premium Experience to qualify.

Carnival Diva Upgrade

Be a Diva for a day and look the part with our custom Carnival accessories.  Includes delivery of items to the Hilton Trinidad.  Requires purchase of 5-night Premium Experience to qualify.

Just $582

Tobago Love Upgrade

Traveling to Tobago is a whole other level of Upgrade; it deserves its own page! 

Pamper Me Upgrade

Just $164

Treat yourself!  From guided preparation for your trip to complete relaxation in Trinidad with your spa service, we got you.

What our UTC feters say...

"[It] feels like Carnival broke down my body to nourish my soul.  After feasting on sooo much color, music, madness and merriment, I feel so grey, drained and lifeless today [now that I'm home].  Hard to say goodbye to y'all.  I have thoroughly enjoyed the pleasure of your company.  Until we meet again.  Namaste ."

                                                                                                              ~  Betty, California, USA

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